Unless otherwise indicated, all scriptures come from the New King James Version (NKJV).

We are so thankful to the Lord for the inspiration He has given Amy and I to create this website so we can serve the Body of Christ through this venue. We also wanted to acknowledge and thank our son, Ben for taking and providing most of the images on this website. The images are snippets of real places we have visited.

We were “invaded” by the power of the Holy Spirit in 1981 and God literally shook the sin out of our lives with His kindness and revived us! We truly know what it means to “feel” old things passing away and behold, ALL THINGS becoming new!

Our lives were so impacted by the Lord that we have been privileged to have served Him from lay ministry through Pastoral. We have seen the sick healed and the dead raised, miraculously! We have an absolute passion to see the Body of Christ functioning in power and fullness. It is our sense that the body of Christ is the sole reflection of Him to the world. They (the world) really need to have His Love through us, impact them in a meaningful way! After all it is Jesus who said: “By this shall ALL men know that ye are My disciples, if you have love one TO another.” (John 13:55 KJV).

With the above being considered, it follows that if the body is malfunctioning, there will never be mass-revival! We feel that we may have overlooked what Jesus actually said in this scripture where he mentions “love one TO another.” The word “to” implies a deed of sorts. (To clarify, we are not talking about salvation, we are referring to practical living). So what we should in fact be doing is actually reaching out to our Brothers and Sisters in the body to see how we can assist in meeting their needs with whatever we have available – spiritual through practical. We are required to be honestly vulnerable.

We believe the world is desperately looking for hope and we HAVE THE ANSWER – Salvation through Jesus Christ! Without being condemning at all and including ourselves in what follows: We need to better care for one another so the world can see our walk of brokenness and sacrifice so they feel they can enter in to that HOPE.

The above is just a long winded way of saying: We love the Lord, we love His Body, We love the souls in the world and we hope what we have provided in this website inspires and restores all who enter.

We love you and this is our practical outreach expressing our love TO you all, through His gifts.

Steve & Amy McCrory (Servants first)

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